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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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residents tonight are pleading with the police department to do more to stop the violent crimes in their community. as our reporter reports, the home inners association held an emergency public safety meeting tonight to demand that city officials hire more police. >> reporter: subpoena members here are living in constant fear after they say some in their community were attacked after several home invasions. the residents here want the police department to build a substation in the oakland hills and they say they are willing to pay more property taxes to hire
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more cops. this man and woman were too scared to show their faces on camera. they say a woman was assaulted in her home and paramedics had to wait for police to arrive before they could help her. >> she was bleeding in her garage, not having help because there were not enough police officer to arrive and allow paramedics to help this woman. she's traumatized and suffering. >> in order 92 curve the spike in home invasions, more cops have to be added. she's talking to the alameda sheriff's office to see if they can help. >> get more officers on our step and we are taken -- we are taking the steps to do that. >> reporter: she says they are looking to add on 120 officer once they graduate 80
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dr. the academy, but they won't be street ready for at least a year. new tonight at 11:00, gasoline prices starting to fall even as the east coast experiences shortages due to super storm sandy. the average price for a gallon of gas is 4.08. oakland, 3075. we show you how prices have dropped and explains why. >> reporter: this is be probably the best place to get your finger on the average price of a gallon of gas in the bay area. this is just off of interstate 80. we were here last week, 3.99 a gallon and today it's 3.89, 10 cents cheaper per gallon in one week. the prices are projected to go down even more. the price of gas has trended
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downward over the last two weeks and is expected to continue that trend for another week or so. the switch to winter blend and a major drop in oil prices are the main reason for the drop. but also, remember last month? record high prices hit drivers hard in the early parts of october. two california refineries had production costs. the price drop is a reflection of march kit correction and indicate a more stable outlook for the future. >> i commute to san francisco. i had to make a loop around in order to not run out of gas. it's definitely a benefit. >> reporter: drivers are looking at the bright side and hoping to see gas continue downward next week. also new, hundreds of people are lined up tonight outside of
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walnut creek's newest restaurant hoping to get a free meal for a year. but not everybody is happy about this grand opening. the line is outside of the new chick-fil-a restaurant where people are hoping to be among the first 100 customers when the store opens tomorrow morning. the first 100 in line get a free meal every single week for an entire year. >> this would be a great evening. >> as we said, not everybody is happy. a protest is being planned. demonstrators say they will be at the restaurant's grand opening to hold a peaceful protest regarding same-sex marriage. mother nature is dealing
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another blow to the stamp-battled eastern seaboard -- storm-battled eastern seaboard. you can see the heavy snow in this video. they will have more potential flooding and winds gusts with freezing rain and snow. of the hundreds of thousands of people who lost power during sandy and got them back, many have lost it again. >> we got our power last friday and it's back out again today. frustrating is a fair word. >> airlines have canceled at least 1300 flights in and out of the metropolitan area and the long island railroad has suspended all service. >> we have weather of our own coming this way to the bay area. today temperatures cooled off greatly. temperatures are sitting in the 50s through the bay area. 52 in santa rosa. as we look outside, we are
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seeing high clouds across the bay area now and offshore to the north the spotty cloud pattern here is associated with that low earner system to the north. -- pressure system to the north. we'll have more on that and time it out on future cast coming up. >> now that decision '12 is in the history books, americans are looking at what is ahead for four more years of an obama administration and a divided congress. >> reporter: president obama returns to the white house with a new set of promises to keep. one of the big differences is that the president does not have to worry about policy numbers. instead of focusing on another election he can think about his legacy and that could impact his negotiation was opponents in
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congress. a closer look shows why the president might feel more cast independence about achieving -- more confident about achieving his goals. in massachusetts, the nation's leading champion of bank regulation is elected to the u.s. senate. >> an amazing campaign. >> reporter: young people credited with warren's victory as well as successful efforts to legalize marijuana in washington and colorado. >> more evidence of an increasingly liberal elect toreet, same sex har rim is approved -- same-sex marriage is approved. >> i didn't run to make history. i ran to make a difference. >> on the other side, republican appeals to traditional values
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fell flat in indiana and missouri. even red state voters rejected senate candidates for their extreme antiabortion views. back in washington, house republican leader bay nerd acknowledged that the political wins may be shifting. >> if there's a mandate in yesterday's results, it's a mandate for us to find a way to work together for the lieutions that we all face as a nation. >> coming up tonight, could we be adding another star to the american flag. the little known outcome from yesterday's election. plus, coming up late in the broadcast, one of the nba's finest young players, irving. and also have fun with the 49ers.
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the first time the majority of
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puerto rican citizen have voted in favor of becoming a state. it would need to be approved by congress but it shows a major shift in attitude of the residents there. the polls show 61% of them supported statehood. right now they are a u.s. commonwealth which means the 4 million residents are u.s. citizen but they can't vote in the presidential election. also new tonight, they say they had found a habitable planet and close to earth. it's a planet, one of six, abyears away is seven times the size of earth and say it could be the right temperature to support life. while signist tests -- scientists can't point right in, soon they can.
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them. >> this game is improved, the speed and graphics. the story is actually pretty g. one of the criticisms of past halo games is the story got too strange and out there and hard to follow. in halo4, there's parts that are difficult to follow. but if they did a good job at producing it, a great game. >> it's only plays on microsoft x box, not on any others. is cash-cow, a multi billion dollar franchise. it's microsoft's great successes. they are trying to blank into
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the tablet and smart phone world, but the more it appears to people, the more windows mobile devices will appeal. >> halo helps sell x box. they in turn use that brand to expand each other's territories. when microsoft started talking about windows phone, one of the things they pushed was you can have part of the x-box live experience on this phone. stocks closing with their worst 1-day loss of the year as investors look past the election and focus on the big problems ahead in washington and europe much the dow jones average plunged 313 points, the worst day of '12. the s & p500,500 topped.
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>> don't panic or bail out. >> that's the message from jim at market watch who says despite the dow's 313-point loss wednesday, it's not as bad as it appears. >> the numbers look scarier than they are. the day before we had a run-up of 133 points. >> it's be dateable if the election results were the reason for the drop. what is not debatable are two things, talk out of the europe that the debt crisis could be affecting germany and our economy falling off the cliff -- off a cliff. >> a market climbs a wall of worry, and once we flushed out the positions built into the market ahead of the election we can probably see the market sort of the gradually rebuilding itself as we come closer and closer to the end of the year.
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>> he says if the divided congress of republicans and democrats can't come to a compromise, the stock market fears could become reality. >> it's not just talk anymore. it's either got to happen or we will go off that cliff. if we do, the fear is that it could be bad enough to trigger another recession. >> another recession is certainly unwanted by all. those from market watch tell me since 1900, whenever there's been a major sell-off after an election issues there's been fourth-quarter gains 74% of the time. that is some good news. j. r. julyan stone, kron4 news. >> big changes out there with cooler temperatures. as we head into tomorrow, rain will return and last into friday. possible thunderstorms out there near the coast. that will continue into friday as well. the tracking, radar shows clouds across the bay area.
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the storm that will be affecting us is up to the north. in the noon hour, spot agree showers through north bay and south of the golden gate. the 3:00 hour brings us showers only in portions of the bay area. same thing as we head into the 5:00 hour. as we head into the overnight hours, thursday into friday, the that's win we'll see thunderstorms e coastline, into friday morning. temperatures tomorrow, the cool side, upper 50s, and low 60s for the valleys and down in the south bay. in the sierra, snow is expected and quite a bit of it. widespread snow, and into the 7:00 hour it will continue and go all through thursday and into friday and temperatures will drop off as well. a high of 46 at about 11:00 tomorrow morning and dropping into the freezing mark
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as the snow rolls done. three to 5 inches. so a lot of snow? the sierra. the rain totals won't be so great. we will have wind, cooler temperatures, but calmer and warmer temperatures into the cook kenned -- into the weekend. >> we will have the highlights and all the sports coming up next with gary. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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our story is you. tonight. irving is quite a player for the cavilers. but here is david lee battling the flu, 22 points, 14 points, six assists. he had an iv before the game. warriors moving the ball around. harrison hits the three. they win 106-96, 3 and 2, and at the lakers friday. it was nice while it lasted. the earthquake season, they make it all the way into the second
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leg of the playoffs. it's one of those aggregate scoring deals. david plays for the galaxy. donovan doing his thing. they have 19 wins, six losses, nine ties, a great season. this thing lasts only eight months, so that's enough soccer. nonetheless, they are uphanded by la tonight. the twitter world encourages people to think whatever they do is interesting, particularly athletes. look at randy -- randy moss. he is back at the west virginia. the 49ers had last week off so there he is in front of a 7-11.
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tweet, tweet, tweet, randy moss. people think that everything you do -- >> you pit it on tv. >> slow night. >> don't tweet so much. play with your kids or wife or dog, but don't tweet all the time. who is the most overrated player in the nfl? they polled 103 players and made it anonmiss -- anonmiss, recollection ryan, belichick, and ryan. ryan was asked about the poll today. the most overrated coach in the league. >> my first thought was, you know, i looked and i saw who was second and i thought, i finally beat belichick at something. i knew it would take time but i got him. >> andrew luck, another great move.
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along with 30 teammates, his shaved his head in support of his coach who is undergoing treatment for a form of leukemia, so there it is. the colts are off to a 5-3 start. the solidarity is right there with him leading the way. walt white is named tonight new manager of the colorado rockies, and mark mcguire is now the hitting instructor for the la dodgers. he was in saint lies before that. international soccer, because that's what we do, we're in rome and the 18-year-old substitute tony watt scored what would be the winning goal at celtik, upsetting -- upsetting barsaloanna. whenever i need to dine after
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work, i go to the box. >> have a good night, everybody. see you tomorrow. >> quality late-night dining. good night.
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